How To Calculate Cash Flows

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Learn the secrets of calculating cash flows to maximize profits and return on investment.

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How to Calculate Cash Flows is going to empower you to make wise money-making (or saving) decisions with the click of a few buttons!

As an added value, we have created the entire course for people that want to learn the financial calculator, TValue™ software, or both!

Here is what you are going to learn in the How To Calculate Cash Flows Online Training.



Module 1 – Welcome and Intro

  • What You Will Learn
  • The Power Of Compounding Interest
  • Selecting A Calculator

Module 2 – Foundation

  • 5 Keys To Time Value of Money
  • Calculating Payment Amount
  • Calculating Term
  • Calculating Interest Rate
  • Replacing Values
  • Calculating Last Payment
  • Calculating Principal Balance Using Future Value (FV)
  • Calculating Principal Balance Using Present Value (PV)

Module 3 – Investing 101

  • Calculating Purchase Price
  • Calculating Yield or Return
  • Pricing Percentages
  • Calculating Discount
  • Calculating LTV and ITV

Module 4 – Partials

  • Partials – Calculating Purchase Price
  • Partials – Calculating Future Balance
  • Partials – Calculating Term
  • Partials – Calculating Yield
  • Partials – Calculating Amount Purchased
  • Partials – Split Payment
  • Partials – Calculating The 50/50 Partial
  • Partials – Buy Full Sell Short
  • Partial Amortization Schedule B (HP12C)
  • Partial Amortization Schedule B (TValue)

Module 5 – Calculating Balloon Payments

  • Calculating Balloon Payments
  • Balloon Payment Purchase Price
  • Balloon Payment Calculating Yield
  • Balloon Partials Payments Only
  • Balloon Partials Balloon Only
  • Balloon Partials Balloon Split
  • Calculating Balloon Extensions

Module 6 – Restructuring

  • Restructuring Early Payoffs
  • Increase Payment Amount
  • Half Rate Double Payment
  • Discounted Payoff Incentives
  • Restructuring Non-Performing Notes

Module 7 – Alternative Cash Flows

  • Business Notes
  • Structured Settlements
  • Lotteries and Prize Winnings
  • Tax Liens
  • Factoring Invoices
  • Wraparound or All Inclusive Notes
  • Buy Property and Flip
  • Buy Property and Finance

Module 8 – Case Studies

  • Referral Fees – The Land Note
  • Buy Full Sell Short – The Church Note
  • Partial Purchase – The Oregon Split
  • Full Purchase – The Self Directed IRA Note
  • Early Payoff Incentive – The TV Note
  • Buy Property and Finance – The Tax Deed Note

Module 9 – Personal Strategies

  • The Rule of 72
  • Double Your Money
  • Million Dollar Retirement
  • College Savings Plan
  • Eliminating Credit Card Debt
  • Payoff Your Mortgage Early

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How to Calculate Cash Flows

Learn the secrets of calculating cash flows to maximize profits and return on investment.


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